Shop Your Way Personal Shopper

Screenshot 2014-12-08 11.21.25If would like to become a FREE client of mine on Shop Your Way you can go here 

By becoming a client you will receive:
Follower exclusive coupons
More free points
24/7 support

This is 100% free for you, its just a way to promote SYW and to help you get their best deals!

If you are unfamiliar with SYW they are the rewards program Kmart, Sears, and Lands End use in their store and online. Their points spend like cash on almost Anything in their stores. You can buy clothes, shoes, toys, groceries… the list goes on and on!!!

This program is completely free and confidential. I can NOT view any private information. The only thing I can see is your name and any catalogs you create that are set to public. It really is an amazing program and I hope you all participate in this freebie!!Screen Shot 03-02-16 at 10.10 AMTop 5 Reasons you should make me your FREE Personal Shopper for Shop Your Way!
(If you haven’t already 😉 )

#1 – I am passionate about saving you money. I will always do my best to find you the BEST deals and the BEST coupons to go with whatever you are buying – not what it easiest to find.
#2 – I try my best to be quick to respond to questions, concerns, and all of your needs. I know your time is valuable and you don’t want to sit and wait for hours just to see if I may or may not have a coupon- that is why I try to respond within 10 minutes or less every time I get a message.
#3 – I am not a big corporation or blog. Many other blogs have joined the personal shopper team and I think that’s great – but sometimes when this happens you lose the one on one interaction with your personal shopper. You become a number instead of a person. I promise that I will always value you each as individuals and will work my hardest whether I have 2 clients or 2,000.
#4 – I try to only post deals that everyone can get – I know how frustrating it can be when a blog posts a fantastic deal, and yet its “not available in your area” – If I post something that is for instore pickup only, I will warn you ahead of time to save you a click or any frustration that I can. (I also will only post it if it appears the deal is very available to get, and not only at one store in the entire country)
#5 – I try my best to keep you as updated as humanly possible. There are always so many promotions going on from SYW – whether its free points, a glitch in their system, or a hot event – I promise to always let my clients know about these circumstances. As a personal shopper I don’t always get informed like I should, but I work hard to find the answers, contact SYW directly and do whatever I can do keep you informed.

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