Everything you need to know about SYW

shop your wayI’ve realized that I have a LOT of followers that do not understand all the in’s and out’s of SYW so I am creating this page to help those that are confused. I too use to be confused by all the rules and regulations of SYW and thus avoided shopping there for years. When I finally took the time to sit down and learn their program I was kicking myself for not shopping there sooner. Honestly, once you learn you will be hooked! (That is also why I decided to become a personal shopper – the deals are so fun and amazing I wanted to help others get them as well!)

Basic Overview

Shop Your Way (or SYW as I refer to it a lot) is the points program that Kmart, Sears, Lands End and other retailers use. It is completely free to join and participate in. (Its very similar to Walgreens points or Smiths Fuel Rewards)

Every 1,000 points you earn = $1.00 to spend in their store or online. If you do not have a SYW account, go here to set one up today. Make sure to add your phone number, then when you shop in store all you have to do is tell the cashier your phone number and it links your account to keep track of purchases and points.

How to Earn Points

Earning points through the SYW program is EASY and FUN! And there are MANY ways you can do it. Here are a few:

Screen Shot 07-06-16 at 08.09 AM

Purchasing Items in store or online:
Any time you shop at Kmart or Sears (in store or online) and you use your account, you will earn points. The amount of points you earn can vary, but you will get a base set at 1-5%. This means if you spend $50.00 you will earn $0.50-$2.50 back in points.  You will know how many points you will be earning online when you view your cart. At the bottom left of your screen it will tell you how many points you have that can be used to make your purchase, and it will also tell you how many points you will earn back. *IF* you redeem your points to pay for your items, you will not earn any base points back. In store you will know how many points you earned by looking at the bottom of your receipt. 

Screen Shot 07-06-16 at 08.12 AM

Purchasing Special Deals in store or online:
Many times Kmart or Sears will run specials like 100% back in points. This means if an item is $19.99 you will get back $19.99 in points essentially making the item FREE because you can turn around and spend those $19.99 in points on whatever else you want that they sell. Sometimes you can even turn these into “Money Makers” (or MM) About 95% of the time you will have a coupon in your Deal Center (more about this later) for $10 back in points on a $50+ purchase. These **Usually** can be combined with these promos. So say there was an item for $19.99 plus $19.99 back in points, you would need to buy (3) in a single transaction, apply your coupon for $10 back on $50, pay $59.97+tax out of pocket (oop) but you will get back $69.97 in points, making it like they “paid” you $10.00 to buy their products. After you checkout online you will see a confirmation similar to the above picture. I ALWAYS advise my clients to Screen Shot this just in case the points don’t load to your account correctly, you can e-mail SYW and they will fix it for you. (If you don’t have proof it can be hard to get your points back)

Screenshot 2015-08-17 09.31.00

Surprise Points:
Surprise points are points loaded to your account that are completely free. Surprise points vary in restrictions and amounts. Sometimes you will get things like $10 off any Sears purchase. Other times you will get things like $5 on a purchase of $30 or more. Surprise points are usually loaded to accounts on Tuesdays and Thursdays and each person will get a different offer. To check your surprise points, go here.  Make sure when you check your surprise points that you read all the terms and conditions, as well as what they are good for. On the very left, they will say what they are good on. As you can see in the picture. my surprise points are good for anything at Sears or Kmart (with restrictions). Sometimes it will say something like “Sears Footwear” or “Kmart Jewelry” When you have points like these, they will only appear in your account at checkout when you have the right type of product loaded to your cart at the right store. In the middle section, it will tell you all the exclusions of your points. When you have a long list of exclusions like I do above, try checking out This Catalog to get ideas of what you CAN use those points on. Then on the right it tells you when those surprise points will expire. If you do not use those points by that date, they will disappear forever.

Surprise points will show up either while viewing your cart or at checkout. If you have surprise points it will say how many points you can apply to your purchase and underneath it will say “Includes $x.xx surprise points” If it says that and you apply the points, it will use those before it uses your regular points. If it does not say that it will use your regular points instead. (See photo below on how to use points to see exactly what this looks like)

Screenshot 2015-08-17 09.42.46

Entering Sweepstakes:
This is probably my FAVORITE way to earn points. SYW has a HUGE set of sweepstakes that you can enter, and most you can enter on a daily basis. Many of the instant win games will give you $0.25 – $3.00 in free points *IF* you win, and these are loaded to your account like regular points! If you play daily you can really rack up a lot of points for absolutely free and use them on whatever you want! (these points typically expire 14 days after they are issued so make sure to not let them expire!) Screenshot 2015-08-17 10.45.24

Using Coupons:
SYW coupons are AWESOME! There are many ways to get coupons.

#1 – Make sure to sign up for special e-mail offers because many times they will e-mail you fantastic coupons to use on your orders. (Like my above picture) You can load these coupons to your account, or  you can click “print” and use the 16-digit code in the coupon code field at checkout online. You can also print them and use them in store. (Some coupons are in store only, some are online only, so make sure to always read their terms!)

#2 – Become a FREE Client of mine on SYW and I can send you client exclusive coupons! For a list of coupons I can send you, Go Here**I also can find you other coupons when you are making a special purchase. Anytime you can’t find a coupon to go with what you are purchasing, message me and I will see what I can find you to help save the most money possible. 

#3 – Check your Deal Center. This is a center where SYW will send you lots of coupons. Some are exclusively for Sears, some are exclusively for Kmart. Load the coupons you want to use to your account and they *should* automatically come off when shopping in store (though I tend to print them and have the cashier scan them anyways, just to be safe.) To use online, click “Apply My Shop Your Way Coupons” right under the Coupon Code Box while viewing your cart. All of the coupons you have loaded to your account should appear and you can click apply on each one of them. If they do not apply to your cart, they will say “This deal doesn’t apply to your order” in red, and you can remove them. If they do apply, you will see it reflected while viewing your cart.

#4 – After placing an order, check the bottom of your confirmation screen because sometimes they offer you great coupons like $3 off a $30+ purchase or others! Also check your order confirmations, shipping confirmations, and pickup confirmations as sometimes they will add coupons to these e-mails as well.

When using coupons online, I suggest playing around! You can typically use one coupon per type of item you are purchasing. For example, if you are buying clothes for $25 and a blanket for $10, you should be able to apply both a clothing coupon (like a $5 off $25) AND a home item coupon (like a 15% off) – I LOVE using coupons online because its like a game to see what will and will not work. If you ever need help, feel free to contact me and I will do whatever I can to get you the best deal possible!

When using coupons in store, you can only use ONE store coupon per order. So you would have to choose either the $5 off or the $10 back in points. You can however use as many Manufacturer coupons as you want in store. (These are nice for double coupon weeks)

**SPECIAL NOTE: MOST Surprise points EXCLUDE using coupons, so if you plan to use those points, make sure to NOT use ANY store coupons or the points will not apply properly! Also note that you must meet the minimum requirements for coupons to work properly. For example, if you are going to use the $10 back in points on a $50+ purchase, you HAVE to spend $50 oop AFTER all points and other coupons are applied. If you drop below the $50 amount, you will NOT get back that $10 in points. 

How to Use Points

Screenshot 2015-08-17 11.05.03

Online: To apply your points online, you will add whatever items you want to your cart (and any coupons if you are using them) then click “Proceed to Checkout” (top right corner of the page when viewing your cart) You will choose where your item is shipping to or who is picking it up, then click “Continue”. It will then take you to your final page of checkout. At the top of the page, it has a box like the picture above. It tells you how many points you have to use on your order. You can choose to apply them all or a select a specified amount. If you want to apply them all, simply click “Apply Points”. If you wish to only use a certain amount, you can change the Points Redemption to whatever number you want. Each dollar is in a 1,000 form, so say I only wanted to apply $6 of my points above, I would change the 7150 to 6000 and then click Apply Points. On the right hand of the screen it would reflect how many points I am using. (See below picture)

Screenshot 2015-08-17 11.10.06


Screenshot 2015-08-17 11.11.51

After you apply your points, it will also change the amount of points you will get back. As you can see in the first picture, before I applied any points it said I would earn $0.16 back in points, but after I applied my points, it dropped to giving me back only $0.02 in points. There are some *rare* scenarios where if you pay in points except for at least $0.01 oop you will still get back the full amount of points, and that should be reflected in this spot. You can mess around with these points as much as you want, and when you have it to where you want, I suggest clicking “Review Order” and taking a screen shot of your checkout page, especially if you are getting points back. Then you can click Place Order Now.

**If you pay completely in points you will not get ANY points back . However, you also will NOT have to pay sales tax! So its great to stock up on points and use them to buy things you want/need! Regular points can be used on anything sold directly by Kmart or Sears. (they do exclude gift cards, alcohol, and prescriptions) Be careful on Sears.om because a lot of items are sold by 3rd party sellers. So if you are shopping on their site, make sure to click the “Sears Only” tab. If you order something sold by a 3rd party you can NOT use coupons or points to help pay for it. ** 

Points will be added to your account when your order ships or is ready for pickup. If they do not appear at that time, give it 24 hours and/or pickup your order. If you still do not receive your points will need to contact SYW directly and hopefully they will add what you are missing.

Screenshot 2015-08-17 11.37.28

In Store: To use your points in store, you will need to tell your cashier at checkout that you would like to use your points. They will be able to apply the amount you have, or you can ask them to apply a specific amount if needed. If you are using more than $10 of points, you will need to know your SYW Pin. You can find this by going here. I suggest changing it to a number you can remember, like your Zip Code or Birthday.  You can also just print a copy and keep it with you if needed. If you the cashier scans it, you should  not have to put in your pin.

Other Things You Should Know

All Points DO expire – regular and surprise! Make sure to know when they all expire and spend them before they disappear forever.

Screenshot 2015-08-17 11.53.23

SYW Max: SYW has a free shipping service for members who either do a trial or purchase a membership. A SYW Max membership is $39 for a year. If you pay for the membership, you will also get $3 in free surprise points to use within the first 14 days of each month.

SYW Max is FREE Shipping on TOTAL ORDERS that are $30.00 or more before tax. The items have to be sold directly by Sears or Kmart to qualify for this promo. (some exclusions apply)

If you do not have or want SYW Max, you can choose free in store pickup at your local Kmart or Sears free of charge *IF* the item is available for it. I do this for all the little items I purchase and use my sweeps points on. Each store has a set amount of time they will hold your orders; my store typically holds them a minimum of 2 weeks for me. You can also put down an alternative pickup person like a spouse or sibling, then either one of you can pick it up when the time comes.


I know this is A LOT of info all at once, so PLEASE don’t hesitate to ask me ANY questions! I want everyone to know how fun it is to shop using the SYW system, and I also want to help you feel comfortable doing so, so again, don’t hesitate with any and all questions. I’m here to help you in any way I can!